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Emblem Health

At Comprehensive Counseling, we’re honored to serve as a preferred behavioral health provider for Emblem Health insurance holders.

Our commitment is to offer unmatched counseling and therapy services guided by our team of seasoned mental health experts. Whether you’re battling depression, anxiety, stress, or other mental health challenges, we’re here to support you. Connect with us at (718) 504-9256 to discover the breadth of our services. Your mental well-being is our priority. Begin your path to a healthier mind with our skilled clinicians, who are ready to provide tailored support for individuals, families, and couples. Renowned throughout New York as a leading therapeutic facility, Comprehensive Counseling is where both patients and clinicians find a trusted haven. Our certified clinicians are accessible 7 days a week, offering both in-person and remote telehealth sessions. Embark on your healing journey and improve your quality of life with us today.

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