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Child Psychotherapy in New York City

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If your child is having mental, emotional, or behavioral issues, you may be interested in child psychotherapy. Many children have normal concerns or setbacks in development, but there are times when it is helpful to seek professional help. Psychotherapy is a form of treatment involving therapeutic conversations and interactions between a therapist and a child or family.

Usually, child psychotherapy involves psychiatric treatment, which is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Comprehensive Counseling is a multi-site group of independently licensed mental health professionals with offices in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx. For nearly 50 years, Comprehensive has been a trusted mental health resource in communities in and around New York City. Call today to learn more about child psychotherapy.

What are the Benefits of Child Psychotherapy?

Child psychotherapy can help children and families

  • understand issues
  • resolve problems
  • find common ground
  • modify behavior
  • set goals
  • make positive changes
  • reduce problems at home, in school, and in forming friendships
  • help with healthy development and habits into adulthood

Approach to Child Psychotherapy

It is important to find the approach to child psychotherapy that works for you and your child. There are several types with different techniques and interventions.

  • Therapy with children – can include talking, playing, or other activities to help the child express feelings and thoughts. Older children may meet with a therapist alone, as the situation permits.
  • Therapy with parent– it is common for therapy to include the parent, especially when children are young. Sometimes therapists work with the parents alone.
  • Working with the whole family– some types of therapy include working with the whole family or other important adults in the child’s life (for example, a grandparent or teacher).
  • Parent-focused approach – parents talk with the therapist about the child’s behavior and feelings.
  • Observational approach – some therapists may observe parents and children together and then make suggestions for finding different ways to react.
  • Group therapy – therapy for children can be done one-on-one or in groups.
  • Behavioral therapy – a broad term for many approaches, but the goal is to reinforce desirable behaviors and eliminate unwanted ones.
  • Cognitive-behavior therapy – helps improve a child’s moods, anxiety, and behavior by examining confused or distorted patterns of thinking.

Sometimes, a combination of therapies is the most effective for helping a child. In some situations, a combination of medication with psychotherapy may be more effective to reach the desired outcomes.

Which Disorders Can Psychotherapy Treat?

Psychotherapy is usually discussed after you have met with your primary care physician. As you have an open relationship with your provider, he or she may recommend additional help for your child.

A mental health provider may conduct a comprehensive evaluation before your child starts therapy. This can be a good indicator to your child’s mental health and get an idea of which therapy would be helpful.

Some mental health issues that psychotherapy helps with include:

How Can I Find a Psychotherapy Provider?

Because psychotherapy deals with intimate experiences in a family, it is vital to find a therapist you trust. Often, if professionals and parents are not on the same page, progress will suffer.

You can find someone you trust by reaching out and discussing your needs with [your provider]. Keep an open mind and be open to suggestions.

Your primary care physician may also recommend a trusted therapist in your area.

Keep in mind, psychotherapy is not a quick fix or one-stop-shop. It is an involved process that will over time improve a child’s functioning and quality of life.

Schedule Your Child’s Psychotherapy Appointment with Comprehensive Counseling LCSW

It is important to find the right approach that works for you and your child. Call Comprehensive Counseling at one of our offices in NYC and Long Island to help make positive changes in your child’s life. Our clinicians offer both in-person therapy and services via telehealth.

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