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Make mental health care part of your New Year’s wellness plan.

Make mental health care part of your New Year’s wellness plan.

Exercise more. Eat healthy food. Start that new hobby . . . At one time or another, your New Year’s resolutions have probably included those physical commitments. But have you ever made a resolution to take care of your mental health? Talking with a friend or family member can sometimes help, but if you feel you need more support, meeting with a licensed therapist can help you work on resolving a problem or reaching a goal.

What can counseling do for you?

Many people experience anxiety, depression, or stress. Others may want to talk with someone for family therapy, therapy for children, or couples therapy. But counseling isn’t a one size fits all activity and the treatment for each person can vary. More than just lending an ear, a licensed therapist will employ expertise and many years of training to work with patients in finding treatment methods that work best for them and their unique situations.

At Comprehensive Counseling, independently licensed therapists trained in the area of psychotherapy provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere to all patients. We understand that many issues can be difficult to discuss, and experienced therapists are there to help you improve your mental health – whether it’s part of a new year’s resolution or anytime throughout the year.

Where can you go for counseling in New York City?

A licensed therapist is closer than you think: Comprehensive Counseling offers mental health services throughout the New York City area. Each of Comprehensive’s 4 offices is conveniently located near public transportation routes and public parking.

Affiliated clinicians also offer teletherapy to patients who prefer online services. Online psychotherapy has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to many impressive advancements in technology. This relatively new form of healthcare provides patients with an incredible amount of ease and convenience as they work with a professional to address any ongoing concerns about their mental health.

It’s never too late to make a healthy lifestyle change or a new resolution: Take the first step towards getting help and schedule an appointment with a Comprehensive Counseling, LCSW psychotherapist today.

Comprehensive Counseling, LCSW provides services to affiliated independently licensed therapists who offer individual psychotherapy to children and adults. Counseling is also available for families and couples. We provide services and clean and comfortable environments to a large group of professionals who specialize in areas of mental health including mood disorders, substance abuse, marital difficulties, and behavioral issues. The clinicians have advanced training in treatment modalities such as, Cognitive Many Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectal Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Mindfulness.

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