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Summer Short-Term Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Program

Treatment Modality: Individual Session- 50 minutes

Target Population/Interventions:

  • Children (7yo-10yo): Coping Cat Manualized Treatment
  • Adolescent -Preteens (11yo-13yo): Modified Mind Over Mood Treatment Model
  • Adolescent (14yo-17yo)- Mind Over Mood Treatment Model
  • Adult (18yo and up)- CBT Workbook

Targeted Symptomology:

  • Anxiety (GAD, Separation Anxiety, Panic, Social Anxiety), Depression, School Refusal, ADHD/Executive Function, and life transitions


  • Reduce distress and symptoms of specified disorders
  • Understand symptomology better
  • Identify better and more effective coping skills
  • Engage in behavioral activation activities to better enhance more behavior-oriented solutions

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